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Shenzhen City Super Technology Co. Ltd.
Company address: Shenzhen city Longhua District Peace West dragon army
Telephone: 0755-23895826 / 82572809 / 23905899
Mobile phone: 13699783786 15889693798

About us

      The global mobile phone accessories industrial chain quality suppliers --Shenzhen profit technology ltd.. The technology focused on the global mobile phone accessories industrial chain to provide high-quality, put one´s heart and soul into the global consumer: mobile phone headset, 3.5mm intelligent mobile phone headset, personalized wire control earphone, MP3/MP4 earphone,universal charging / transmission in data lines, mobile phone, ESS and clear water jacket fashion simple style mobile phone accessories industrial chain productssuch as leather. The technology China production base was established in 2005,is located in Guangdong Province....