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Shenzhen City Super Technology Co. Ltd.
Company address: Shenzhen city Longhua District Peace West dragon army
Telephone: 0755-23895826 / 82572809 / 23905899
Mobile phone: 13699783786 15889693798


Enterprise mission:

Provide customers with high quality products, the most competitive market not only is super Technology Co., the company´s quality policy, is also the highestoperating target. Only the best products and the most dedicated service attitude and work efficiency, in order to create the best customer profit, and feedback tocompany employees. When these ideas into practice, and always require employees to comply with the code of ethics, then forming the ultra enterprise culture.

Characteristics of enterprises:

One, warm and sincere service: let the customer feel intimate, affectionate and strive to achieve rapid, commitment to work.

Two, pay attention to employee training: pre service and in-service professionaltraining.

Three, team cooperation: Nellie motivity technology success, is absolutely can not be ignored.

Four, the development of vision: human resources integration, leading theindustry in pursuit of.

Five, sustainable management: on behalf of the company, integrity, permanentoperating road.

Enterprise target:

Innovation and continuous research and development, to provide customers the most competitive high-quality products. The Super Science and technology limited company people-oriented, as all the staff is the most important asset of the company. In addition to providing elegant working environment, pay more attention to all employees operate together, share the enterprise management company mission, committed values and business goals, achievement sharingeffort.

Business philosophy:

The technology is in employee / management team, provide challenges andlearning environment, give full play to their potential, enhance the ability of thewhole company, and then through the innovation and team cooperation, to provide customers the most competitive products and development, and to view and Prospect of internationalization, the integration of resources, to become a digital science and technology R & D and production sales leader.