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Shenzhen City Super Technology Co. Ltd.
Company address: Shenzhen city Longhua District Peace West dragon army
Telephone: 0755-23895826 / 82572809 / 23905899
Mobile phone: 13699783786 15889693798


Product advantage

Need to go through the 17 step of strict test from the design to the birth of all products, can have the opportunity to be branded LOGO, presented to theconsumer.

7 production process

Ensure slow boil into headphones accurate execution of the design concept,make sure every detail is to get the maximum attention, ensure that at least onestep to.

4 to control procedure

To ensure efficiency, ensure lower overall, ensure the enthusiasm of each employee´s play.

6 test procedure

That beautiful sound, material quality, color accurate, should be done to refine onevery detail.

Management advantage

Perfect after sale service system, timely, rapid feedback

Rich products, constantly bring forth the new through the old quality products isthe key to profitability

Management advantage

Investment small and strong competition, diverse patterns easy location

Simple operation without experience, a gap in the market of huge profits

The join conditions

> have certain capital capacity and sales experience and good reputationbusiness style

> agree with my company´s business philosophy and related provisions

> the right place of business (core commercial street, shopping malls or paved street paving and counters, high-grade office buildings, upscale residential district pavement)

> has the consciousness of maintaining a good brand, have certain management ability